Car Pets

What if… you combined a pet rock with a cocker spaniel?  You’d get a Car Pet. Ok, maybe you’d just get a cocker spaniel humping a small boulder… Maybe that’s why they’re called cocker spaniels?  Did you think of that?   No, I didn’t think so.  Oh, right.  My never to be made product idea.  Sorry.

So, imagine a shaggy puppy-like doll with non-slip bottom that sits on your dash and reacts to your music choices, driving habits and maybe the presence of french fries (why the hell not? right?).  So, you’re annoyed already, but this is going to grow on you.  It could have a data connection that gives you cues about appointments, traffic problems ahead and could really creep you the fuck out by reading your email to you as you drive in that annoying Astro voice from the Jetsons.  Ruh roh!

Maybe not, but the idea is really bigger than one toy.  It’s time to start looking beyond video screens to interact with our technology.  Reading, for instance, is extremely distracting while driving.  It’s time for the big brains to start putting out products that move beyond the video display.  We’re dumping the mouse and keyboard already, why not the LCD?

Will the big product of 2017 be a robotic GPS that gives you driving directions by performing an interpretive dance on your dashboard?  I hope so.  That would be SO awesome.

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