Jingles makes a move

‘The Blonde Decolletage Cult’ Part 2of8

Jingles makes her move

Jingles makes her move

Jingles, however, had other plans.  Confronted with the faux-oh and ahs of the evil ingenues, and facing eminent death, the spry kitten sprung into  kitty action.  The first part of her plan was simple.  Jingles would need time.  To buy that time would require an act that few would expect from an 8 week old kitten.  Jingles attacked.  Tiny needle-like claws dug deeply into the arm of Maddy Nichols, the youngest member of the lithe legion of nare-do-well maidens.  She shrieked in pain and recoiled, dropping Jingles.

Suddenly sprung from her captors, but with only moments to act, Jingles eschewed the nearby, yet closed door and windows.  Instead, the cool cat went for the black candles forming the circle of power the blonde decolletettes hoped to parlay into dark discounts from inscrutable spirits.  In a flash, the she-devil den went up in flames and the scantily-clad vixens rushed to escape the blaze …

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