Fucked up songs

Occasionally, I come across catchy music that I am really enjoying… then I notice the lyrics.  Sometimes they just don’t make sense, but usually the issue is the message in the music.   “That’s fucked up!”, I mutter to myself, hopefully inaudibly.  I’ve noticed a trend, my friends.  Invariably, these songs are about women, or more accurately disrespecting or abusing women.  There are a lot of ideas that are basically fucked-up, but most of those ideas don’t seem to make the top 40 charts like a good misogyny tune.  You never, for instance, hear metal power ballads about suicide bombing, or country songs about denying citizenship to babies of undocumented immigrants…. or rap songs about denying science in favor of kitschy Christianity.  Damn, ok, there’s that Magnet Song by Insane Clown Posse, but that wasn’t really a hit.

Sadly, there’s rarely anyone around me willing to discuss the general fucked-uppitiness of all this.  (Yes, wordpress, fucked-uppitiness IS a word, and it has nothing to do with fruitiness.  fucked-fruitiness is a HORRIBLE suggestion!)  Anyway, here are my top 5 least-favorite fucked up songs about women.  Behold, and let there be discussion!!!!


5) 99 Problems– Jay-Z does have a problem… with women. Way to go women, you showed him he can’t get away with that!  He was probably never able to get a date again!  … Beyonce?  Oh, right.  Shit.  Maybe she never heard it? Good luck, Baby Blue.

4) Every Breath You  Take– The Police can’t help you.  They are the ones watching you.  This IS the stalker anthem.


3) Baby It’s Cold Outside– Various people have popularized this catchy song, which wikipedia describes as ‘The Date Rape Song’.  Seriously, “What’s in this drink?” is one of the lyrics.  Firmly in the Fucked-Up category.


2) Delilah– Tom Jones just murdered his girlfriend?  What the hell.  Ok, hell of a voice, but that’s still fucked up.  You don’t get to murder your girlfriend because she’s a skank, even if you’re Tom Jones.  ESPECIALLY, if you’re Tom Jones. Mr. Skank, incarnate.


1)You and Me (In my Pocket)– Milow hasn’t resorted to violence… YET.  Probably SHOULD be the stalker anthem, and it’s seriously creepy… and yes, fucked-up!


Discuss, damn you.  Discuss, I say!  I’m sure there are plenty of other examples.  What songs do you love to hate?


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