Adventures in domain naming

Prompted by the continuing unsolicited offers to buy a domain name I’m not really that interested in selling, I’ve gone a bit overboard researching more domain names to buy. I know it’s dumb, but if I could consistently flip domains for $1500+, how cool would that be? I know it’s not going to work, but it’s slightly more logical than picking lottery numbers. This will pass in a few days, don’t worry.

Anyway, on the premise that defines my life after 40, I’m convinced original thoughts are impossible, so I’m focused on searching through expired domains. Most of these expired domains are clearly the detritus of link traders and failed domain name squatters, but some of these are pretty entertaining. I love the weird optimism of ‘’ for instance, and the campy fan exuberance of ‘’.

They’re not for me, though. I’m drawn to vaguer weirder story lines. I bought ‘’. I picture some cool new technology to go with this, maybe glassless 3d, or better even, hipster glasses that actually cancel out the 3d effect. I bought ‘’ because honestly, that would be a kick-ass name for an effects production company (that I will never start, or be hired by). I bought ‘’ because, hello, sarcasm and technology… idiot. (I’m probably a little over-focused on 3d. Probably because I got notice that my pre-order for 3d glasses is getting filled soon.) Let’s see, there’s ‘’, which I’m not sure if it should be shipping or security token related. Finally, there’s ‘’, which I actually like the best. It sounds like one of those new-agey tech companies that will reliably synergize performance-based innovative solutions for $300k per engagement. No, no, yes, ok, I’ve actually written a few of those mission statements over the years. We do what we must, right?

So, anyway, Merry Christmas.