Podcast in Progress


The random logo you deserve.

Welcome to Podcast 0: Behind the Scenes of Patrixmyth’s Random Musings

With the new year, comes a new project. Why a podcast? It’s all part of my master plan. I’m not claiming it’s a good plan, just my master plan. Anyway, kicking things off requires some background details be handled. First up, iTunes requires a logo to provide syndication of your show. My first thought was the good ol’ avatar I use for everything from Twitter to my Marriott rewards account. Unfortunately, the resolution wasn’t high enough.

A quick look through my phone offered a few promising options. I settled on a truly random picture. The picture was taken in the bathroom of a Taco restaurant in Estonia. Seriously, it doesn’t get any more random than this. Why did I photograph my hat and gloves in an Estonian Taco joint? All I can say, is I had some free time. I don’t really recommend Estonian tacos.  So, adding in a quick caption and saving at 1400×1400 pixels, and that’s my syndication logo.  I like the sound of that.

Next up, something I’ve noticed in most of the podcasts I enjoy.  They don’t just start with talking. They have a short theme song that gets you ready for the profundity, humor or confusion to follow. Luckily, I spent a late night once playing around with Garage-band, and created a short mostly non-vocal music cut.  I’ve always liked it. So, there you go. A podcast is born.

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t spoken on my podcast yet. Well, it’s late, and I’m still working out the soundproofing options. All in good time.


*I also have to get used to hearing my recorded voice.