Simple Twitter

Alas, ‘OLD’ TWITTER, I knew ye well.

The old twitter is officially dead, so we’re back to the beginning on filtering out the twitter chuff and sundry.

Here’s what I’ve got so far.


! Remove Right Side Trends and Who to Follow

! You MUST enable low bandwidth for these to work

! Remove video ‘placeholder’ image (still able to play video)

! Remove Gif ‘placeholder’ image (still able to play gif)

! Remove blurred image preview (still able to select and view)

! Extreme option, (not using) Turns off all the photos, including profiles

! Below this line, various things I’ve noticed I’ve added, but haven’t documented what they do well.

! 7/18/2020

! 2020-11-14

! 2020-12-21

! 2021-02-26 > .css-1dbjc4n > .css-1dbjc4n > .css-1dbjc4n > .css-1dbjc4n > .css-1dbjc4n > .css-1dbjc4n > div.css-1dbjc4n

Install µBlock, Adblock or Adblock Plus Extension:

Add above in custom filters


If you have any difficulties, or need instructions for another browser, please feel free to ask me here or on Twitter. (@patrixmyth)

Have a good day!

Only tangentially related, but you want something closer to the old twitter layout, you can add the Stylish extension to chrome, also. There are many old twitter layouts available, I use this one->

(I didn’t make it. I just use it.)

18 thoughts on “Simple Twitter

  1. Hi. Is there a filter(s) to hide photos and vine vids on profile pages themselves? Filters hide newsfeed so far but also looking to hide them on individual Twitter pages/profiles. Thanks for the above filters too BTW! 🙂

    1. If I understand what you’re looking for correctly, then
      adding this->[class=”TwitterPhoto js-media-container”]

      to your custom filters should take care of photos.

      I haven’t found a solution for vines yet, but when I come up with something I’ll update.

  2. This: .tweet .js-media-container

    Seems to work very well for me. It blocks even photo previews from twitter searches (which the others couldn’t do).

        1. The previous set of filters were:

          Two new filters are now necessary:


  3. Good morning! I’m using Win10, Chrome and AdBlock Plus, and unfortunately your filters for ABP do not hide the previews for photos. I don’t know about Vines or multi-pix yet, haven’t come across them since adding filters, but the pix are still there in my TL. Any advice?

    1. Check out the update that adds old-media div to filters 🙂 Not fully tested, but it’s best I’ve got so far.

      1. Thank you! The only filter I personally needed to block out image preview was this one: .tweet .js-old-media-container
        It works perfectly! The image is still visible when I click on the tweet but the automatic expansion Twitter enforces is gone.
        Thank you thank you thank you! 😀

  4. Since a few days .tweet .media

    doesn’t hide the preview anymore.

    I tried any combination of other filters. They either hide both preview and image in my timeline, or neither one of them. I can’t find a combination of filters that do hide the preview but do not hide the image when you click on the tweet.

    Neonie’s 8 filters don’t show any image anymore in Firefox 41.0.2.

    Any suggestions?

  5. Analysis:

    Out of those 8, Adblock shows no hits for these 4:

    So they seem useless anyway.

    Both these two:

    hide retweet and favorite score. Which I don’t need to be hidden, so these filters can be removed too.

    That leaves these two:


    Whether I use one of them or both, the result in all cases is that all images are hidden, both the preview and the picture that is shown after clicking the tweet.

    1. Note the format of the filters I listed… the not(.open) is important to preserve click to see images/media…

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