Simple Twitter

Alas, ‘OLD’ TWITTER, I knew ye well.

The old twitter is officially dead, so we’re back to the beginning on filtering out the twitter chuff and sundry.

Here’s what I’ve got so far.


! Remove Right Side Trends and Who to Follow

! You MUST enable low bandwidth for these to work

! Remove video ‘placeholder’ image (still able to play video)

! Remove Gif ‘placeholder’ image (still able to play gif)

! Remove blurred image preview (still able to select and view)

! Extreme option, (not using) Turns off all the photos, including profiles

! Below this line, various things I’ve noticed I’ve added, but haven’t documented what they do well.

! 7/18/2020

! 2020-11-14

! 2020-12-21

! 2021-02-26 > .css-1dbjc4n > .css-1dbjc4n > .css-1dbjc4n > .css-1dbjc4n > .css-1dbjc4n > .css-1dbjc4n > div.css-1dbjc4n

Install µBlock, Adblock or Adblock Plus Extension:

Add above in custom filters


If you have any difficulties, or need instructions for another browser, please feel free to ask me here or on Twitter. (@patrixmyth)

Have a good day!

Only tangentially related, but you want something closer to the old twitter layout, you can add the Stylish extension to chrome, also. There are many old twitter layouts available,

I use this one->

and ESPECIALLY this one ->

(I didn’t make them. I just use them.)

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