Touchpad frenzy; Why most of you should get an iPad, already.

$100!  That’s why you want a touchpad?  That’s a good reason, except many of you are getting caught up in the chase, and paying $250.   With due respect to webOS, which I like, $250 is a complete rip-off for this product.  It is a discontinued product, and in 3 weeks, you won’t get $100 for it.  If you try, then people are going to point out that 400,000 or so of them were just sold for $100.   So, in under a month, you’ve lost 70% of the value of your device.  I can sell my 2 year old iPad for about 70% of what I paid.  Those are both 70%s, but they’re not the same.  Just get an iPad.

You’ve heard about the iPad, (or you have an iPad, and your frustrating spouse/little brother/cat keeps hogging it, and refuses to get their own) and this is … almost an iPad.  It’s not, btw.  It was actually rather an interesting take on being an alternative to the iPad.  There are actually many very clever companies in China who will sell you an ‘almost iPad’ running skinned Android 2.1.  This isn’t that.  You know what is the MOST like an iPad?  Why yes, that’s right.  Just get an iPad.

You’ve already promised 6 people you’d buy them tablets, thinking you would be the hero for finding such a hot product at a great price.  Oh wait, that’s right, that’s not you, that’s me.   Come on HP, lower the slop bucket one more time, please!  Sigh. I’ll probably just get them iPads.