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Decision Support Systems

“If I listened long enough to you. I’d find a way, to believe that it’s all true” – Rod Stewart, warning us about Alexa. Clippy….

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No more Obamacare

We should have called it the ‘Better Than Nothing Act’. I’ve never liked calling it ‘Obamacare’. It wasn’t his idea. It was what goddamned Mitt Romney…

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Puppy Karma

I feel a little guilty. Not that I did the wrong thing, but that I didn’t do the best thing. I wanted to adopt from…

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Electoral Boogie. Pick a dance, and perfect it already.

If you take a really fuel efficient car, convert it to electric power, then install solar panels on the roof, what do you get?  3…

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The funny one

Knock, Knock. Who’s there? Nazi? Nazi who? Nazi best time to lose your sense of humor, is it? I keep hearing that the next few years…

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Social Anxiety

We were looking for fun. We were seeking adventures. We’ve uploaded excuses, and faded old pictures.   Flirting with possibilities, and drawn out suspense. Seized on the moment, made the must of…

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No answers here.

I’m hurt. I’m angry. I’m sad. I’m hopeless. I’m disappointed. I’m perplexed. I could probably go on, but the rest would be synonyms of the same…

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No one needs 24 hour news

There’s 24 days until this goddamn election is over. What a year. For a political junkie like me, it’s been very confusing. This is like…

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I owe so much money now. That’s good, right? I’ve got a house, a car, a job… no dog yet. (*note: get dog). I vacillate…

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Positive Thoughts

I’m extremely lucky to have a few ‘canaries’ on Twitter. These are the people who point out when the air has fouled to the point…

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