turned off my tv today

I don’t want to remember 9/11.  Remembering is about avoiding past mistakes or getting revenge.  Honor the victims, absolutely.

9/11 wasn’t a mistake.  We were sucker-punched.  There’s always something we missed, but really there’s not a lot to beat ourselves up about over this.  I know, we had clues and indicators.  I get it.  Believe me, there are ALWAYS clues and indicators and there are always people who want to kill us.  There are people responsible for remembering that, and I think we can let them handle it.

Revenge?  Really, that’s a long dark potholed road in a bad neighborhood with shitty radio reception that just ruins your car’s suspension and doesn’t have gas stations or fastfood.   If you want to make Al Qaeda regret 9/11, then support education and human rights in the hellholes where they recruit members.  Actually, don’t support it there.  Support it in places where people from there can get the fuck out and get it.  That means easing immigration rules, funding education and tying economic and relief policies to access to education, emigration and human rights.  You know, Living well is the best revenge, after all.

Who wants us to remember 9/11?  Mostly news stations and politicians.