The funny one

Knock, Knock. Who’s there? Nazi? Nazi who? Nazi best time to lose your sense of humor, is it?

I keep hearing that the next few years are going to be an absolute disaster for everything except comedy. I want to hold on to this. I want to remind myself that it’s just 4 years, and we’ve been through so much worse than a snake oil salesman with a weakness for hairspray and gilded elevators.

How many Trumps does it take to change a lightbulb? Just one, but you have to loan them a ladder, and CNN will broadcast it live.

I have too much skin in the game to really rock the boat. I can’t protest in the street. I’m part of the system he’s taken over. Just a tiny, tiny part that no one will notice, but it’s my part, and I fought like hell to get it. I want to make signs, though. I want to chant. I want to be part of the failed solutions, not the problem.

An autocrat, a moron, and a thief walk into a bar. The crowd goes wild, and ‘Hail to the Chief’ starts playing.

This is every trope we’ve ever abused. This is the cliche that I always rolled my eyes at. The wolf is standing in the field, and the sheep want his autograph. This doesn’t even really affect me, though. I’m safe in the ‘bubble’. The ‘bubble’ can let the rest go to hell, right? That’s what they voted for. If I keep telling myself this and I will keep telling myself this, time will march on. My interests will stray into more productive pastures. Just a matter of time.

Why did the Liberal cross the road? To get to the other side, and boy are my arms tired.