Sometimes I’m being sarcastic

You may not have noticed, but sometimes I’m sarcastic on Twitter.  Unfortunately, that isn’t always clear.  I recently linked to a story that  included a picture of an Olympic Beach Volleyball player’s butt.  Some people who know me well were surprised by this.  I’m not really the type to ogle, point or catcall.  Really.  I’m like unnaturally averse to doing that.

In context, I thought it would be clear that I was, in fact, complaining about the quality of journalism.  It was a story about squirrel nuts buried in the sand being a problem for practicing players, and the news editor who chose this important topic decided to post a close-up picture of a butt to illustrate… I’m not sure, probably that you should click the story and find out more about Beach Volleyball player butts.  Anyway, sorry for any confusion, Internet.

To review, I’m saying that I’m very sorry and that sometimes I’m sarcastic and mean something other than what I actually say.

Hope that clears up any confusion out there.

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