Block Twitter timeline photos

Here’s the custom filters for Adblock/Adblock Plus.

Add -> .tweet .media
UPDATED DEC 17, 2013! (blocks normal *single* images)

Add -> .tweet .multi-photos
UPDATED MAR 28, 2014 (blocks new multi-image tweet images)

Also Add -> .tweet .js-tweet-details-dropdown
UPDATED MAR 31, 2014 (blocks vine)

Semi-Detailed instructions (verified in Chrome on OSX and Windows)
I initially tested in firefox too, but not with every update.

Install Adblock Plus or Adblock Extension (or both):
Add above in custom filters


If you have any difficulties, or need instructions for another browser, please feel free to ask me here or on Twitter. (@patrixmyth)

Have a good day!

Author: patrixmyth

2 thoughts on “Block Twitter timeline photos

  1. did this .tweet .media in customer filter but it did not take, what I am doing wrong, still get pictures.

    1. Have you restarted your browser/cleared your cache? Make sure you have adblock enabled for the site, and that twitter is not on your ‘whitelist’ in adblock settings. If it’s still not working, post your browser and OS, and I’ll take a look. I’ve used this mostly on Chrome (both OSX and Windows).

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