Wearable or Whereable?

Thinking about my own use of mobile technology, and where that interacts with new technology. Here are my initial observations.

1) I don’t remember to charge my devices. I barely remember to bring them.
2) Outside my house, 90% of my mobile use is audio or text.
3) I don’t really browse for new things on the road. I check and continue things.

So, what do I always bring? My car keys. I generally plug them in, too. True, many cars are going keyless ignition, but the point is that’s the optimal size. Large keyfob-sized. I don’t even need to describe that, you can almost feel it in your hand, right? It has to be that easy to plug in, too.

Ok, so am I really using my device while I’m commuting? Probably just reading social media or listening to something. Ok, so bluetooth and a headphone jack takes care of all the audio needs. Graphical display is trickier. I need SOME visual feedback for controls and notification, certainly. Maybe enough to read twitter or email in a pinch. Do I need a RETINA display movie screen? Not in my pocket, I don’t.

Ideally, my device doesn’t require much configuration or browsing. It needs to be a natural extension of my existing online identity. In fact, it should BE my online identity. It should be my password, my wallet, my favorites list, and my media license.

So, I want a communication fob. In my car, it customizes my audio and feeds my destination to the GPS. It isn’t my GPS, though. In the coffee shop, it connects me to the Internet, but it isn’t my Internet connection. When I lay it on the table, which will also charge it, it connects the tabletop touchscreen to my server, but it’s not my server.

It uses little power. It isn’t picky. It adapts to available services. It vastly improves my security. It’s easy.

This is my future mobile technology.