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Current Projects

Projects I’ve informally worked on over the past few years. None are functioning services, some are just domain names and scribbled notes. As I put…

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The Twidit App/Site Pitch

The Twidit Pitch: Lots of people poll twitter followers to answer questions/identify things/recall facts. Twidit will be an app/website to make this a little easier. By…

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Toss these technologies

Any avid ‘technophile’ knows it’s pretty easy thinking of reasons to get new gadgets. What about discarding technology, though?  Looking through my hardware junk drawer,…

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Wearable or Whereable?

Thinking about my own use of mobile technology, and where that interacts with new technology. Here are my initial observations. 1) I don’t remember to…

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Third-Person VR concept

My favorite mode in video games is not 1st person. I prefer a camera just behind and above, commonly referred to as a ‘third-person’ perspective….

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The Importance of 42

As any faithful fan of Douglas Adams must, I find myself waxing philosophical on the occasion of the commencement of my 42nd year upon this…

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Sounds fishy to me, too.

A recently funded project on received $700,000 to produce an iOS controlled pan/tilt/zoom mount for an iOS device, presumably not the same iOS device…

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Car Pets

What if… you combined a pet rock with a cocker spaniel?  You’d get a Car Pet. Ok, maybe you’d just get a cocker spaniel humping…

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Social Funding: Could it work?

Social Funding, the next installment of my continuing, though usually soon deleted series of blog posts called Whatifz. Background: Recently, I heard a radio interview with …

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Let’s Build a Better Poop App!

Forget about mousetraps.  I want to build a better iPad Poop App.  Why, you may ask?  (And if you are my wife, you will not…

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