Collaboration Call

The world is not lacking for good ideas. I have good ideas. You have good ideas. Everyone has at least 1 good idea. What the world is lacking is collaboration. Let’s collaborate something. Seriously.

If you’ve wandered here, then you’re curious. Curious is good. I’m curious, too. Right now, I’m curious if it could be this easy to bring people together to make something. I don’t want your money. I’m not offering mine. I want to build things, but doing that alone has proven to be more difficult than expected. What to build? I have some ideas, but since I’m not offering salaries, stock options, or free beer, that’s not for me to say. What I know, is that if I’m really going to get anything built, It’ll take a team.

So, if you’re interested in joining a poorly defined project to build an unspecified something, let’s get in touch.


I think this would work better with people with which I’ve had some contact (irl or social media). If you have someone specific in mind, by all means, get them involved, but this is not a plea for mass RTs.

There are some talents that would be really useful, but at this stage, I see no reason to exclude anyone.

The something will probably have to be something on the internet. As much as I’d love to build a rocket to mars, it seems more likely we can work out some kind of website, app, or social media thing-a-ma-hicky.

Let’s not get too caught up in team structures, ownership, or non-disclosure just yet. This is just a chance for some present and/or future friends to brainstorm.

Maybe no one will respond. Ok, probably no one will respond. The point is, I don’t know what’s possible here. Let’s see.