I owe so much money now. That’s good, right? I’ve got a house, a car, a job… no dog yet. (*note: get dog). I vacillate between giddy joy, and subtle dread, but I’m hanging out in the middle for a huge part of the time. Bell curve for the win.

I’m still trying to be more mindful, honestly. I know the materialism isn’t very mindful, but it is nice to have your own space to contemplate your navel. Ultimately, I just want my kids to grow up feeling like they had a normal childhood. It turns out my really weird sense of humor is completely normal now, so I caught a break on that. Being weird and nerdy in your 20’s becomes ‘Dad jokes’ in your 40’s, apparently. The stuff doesn’t matter. I’ve told myself that for so long. Yet, here’s all the stuff. It snuck up on me.

Keeping my thoughts short today. Spent most of the day limping around with a pinched nerve or something. Does that make this any deeper? I think this makes it more profound that I’m facing my own mortality. Yeah, going with that.

Final word: Noticed a high school marching band practicing on the football field during my walk home today. It wasn’t a show. They’re weren’t ‘great’. It was just a typical high school marching band practicing in late September. When they finished their ‘set’, everyone cheered. Why? Because they were there. They were doing the work. I wanted to cheer, too. Not just for them, but for everyone doing the work. Thank you, random strangers, for doing the work. Go YOU!

I’m going to go fix something. I have always liked that part of home ownership. *Doing the work.