Touchpad Therapy

Yep, I’m done searching for Touchpad.  Good luck if you’re still in the hunt.
You’ve suffered a loss.  You’re not alone.
If you’ve been following the #foundtp hashtag for very long, then you’re probably dealing with some uncomfortable emotions right about now.  You put in an order for a shiny precious of your very own, and it feels like it’s been taken from you by the bad people at HP.  It’s ok.  What you’re experiencing right now is normal, and the first order of business is figuring out where you are in the grieving process.
  • Denial (50,000 other orders may be cancelled, but I haven’t received an email yet!)
  • Anger (… but you charged my credit card, isn’t that a contract?  You owe me!)
  • Bargaining (I’m willing to pay for expedited shipping…)
  • Depression (piece of shit didn’t even have 3g, I’m glad it’s sold out!)
  • Acceptance (Is the Playbook being liquidated yet?)
Depending where you are along this continuum of healing, you may be wondering about how you should be spending your time, now that you’ve realized that Bryna is not going to give you her touchpad from the EPP sale.  This is a complicated question, but I have suggestions to help you cope with your loss.
1) Seek out the support of family and friends.  Did any of them get touchpads?  Are they likely to call the police if you stole theirs?
2) Do something you enjoy that helps you relax.  Maybe you could take a walk in the Mall and see if they have any Touchpads.  That’s not obsessing.  Of course it’s not.  Go ahead.  I’ll keep refreshing the office depot touchpad link while you’re gone.
3) Treat yourself to something that will relieve your stress.  There are still touchpads for sale on ebay.   Buy one of those, then break it and file a complaint with paypal about the seller.
4) When, and only when you’re ready, consider looking at another brand of tablet.  Sure, it won’t be the same as your love for that WebOS thing you’d never heard of before last month, but just maybe you’ll find something else that can browse the internet and check email (Sorry, Playbook, I didn’t mean it that way!  Come back.)
5) Focus your grief on something creative.  Begin by subscribing to my blog, following me on twitter and leaving a comment.
Yeah, it’s like that.  Oh, and maybe tomorrow if you read my blog I’ll have touchpads for sale.  It could happen.  (No, it couldn’t, but you might as well keep checking daily.)
(and now for something vaguely similar…)

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