Dreams of Massachusetts

Do you ever dream of Massachusetts?  Is there something there you think we used to know?
I still remember climbing up to watch the sunset, as fireworks were set-up down below.

Do you ever think of colored leaves in Autumn?  Is it something that you thought you’d ever see?
We listened to guitars played by strangers, and shared a meal of leftovers and tea.

Do you ever think that somehow we’ve grown older? Is it something that occupies your mind?
I’m not making any plans on dying. I would rather walk through life deaf, dumb and blind.

Do you think we could just give up on surrender?  Could we just sit back and declare victory?
I’m not going to claim we’re always winning, but I hope you can still say that you love me.

Do you ever dream of Massachusetts? Golden corn, slimy ponds, too long walks and quiet nods.
We danced with fate and cursed the gods. Can you still dream of Massachusetts with me?

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