Third-Person VR concept

My favorite mode in video games is not 1st person. I prefer a camera just behind and above, commonly referred to as a ‘third-person’ perspective. Could this be crafted for real world? I think the tools are available to do so.

Here’s how I would put this together.

1) Oculus Rift headset (head-mounted display)
2) Chromecast Wifi Video receiver.
3) AR.Drone (video streaming toy helicopter)

The drone would be set to automatically follow the subject, who would receive the video feed into his HMD via the chromecast.

Why? I have no idea, but it would certainly be an interesting experience to navigate an environment from a detached perspective like this.

The cost really wouldn’t be that high, under $1000, not counting the time to code interfaces.  The biggest issue I’d expect is video lag, and REALLY strange looks from people around me.