Sounds fishy to me, too.

A recently funded project on received $700,000 to produce an iOS controlled pan/tilt/zoom mount for an iOS device, presumably not the same iOS device you’re holding because that would be stupid lazy even for an iOS user (like myself).  While I don’t really need this accessory, this invention does satisfy two areas of intense interest to me; delightfully unnecessary gadgets, and lots of money thrown at a powerpoint and a good youtube video.

Naturally, I have invested over a dozen brain-cells to the challenge of coming up with my own wildly successful kickstarter project.  “But, Patrick”, you rhetorically ask, “You have the engineering acumen of a small North Korean child raised by benevolent pigeons!”  First, of all, you hardly know me, and that’s a really weird analogy.  I’m not judging you, though.  You’re partially correct.  The incorrect part is that there are no benevolent pigeons in North Korea.  It’s a hard-coop life for any pigeon in the Ibuk, let me tell you.

That’s all irrelevant, however, because if I’ve learned anything from my exhaustive search of successful Kickstarter projects (it was literally exhaustive, as I am now quite exhausted as a result), it is be sure to reference an Apple product, no, that’s not what I meant… but it’s true.  It’s that you don’t actually have to demonstrate a capability to build your idea.  Everyone (probably rightfully) assumes, that you’re going to hire some engineer in the Shenzhen factory where you’re going to get it crappily produced anyway.

So, my idea?  My first thought was robotic self-streeting garbage can because I live in Germany and have to juggle 9 different trashcans to the street.  Problem is that’s WAY too useful for kickstarter, and would be a real pain to ship.  So, I’m going with my second idea for figurative purposes, at least.  It is a fishtank filter with a built in webcam and remote controlled fish feeder.  It might or might not include fishy toys, like lights and audio to annoy the fish.

SOME people claim that fish are too stupid to be entertained, but they’re probably cat people, and are just trying to cover for their pets’ sins. Anyway, the fish aren’t buying this thing.  If I’m entertained by honking and flashing lights at my fish, then it’s a product feature win.

Will I really post it?  I don’t know. It actually IS possible. I could probably work it into a class project, and I am honestly interested in mastering the kickstarter process.

So, stay tuned.  Maybe.

Yes, I’m sure it’s been done before.  That should never be a barrier. It’s all about integration and marketing.

Ok, this youtube video answered my question about fish chasing lasers, but raised so many more… like why is this guy pointing a gun at his aquarium, and what is the puffer fish thinking when he clearly recognizes that a gun is, in fact, being pointed at him.

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