Two dollars

I have opened my browser to commence a new blog post.  Lacking any plan or preparation, I’ve looked up and noticed 2 dollar bills on my window sill.  I should be more specific.  These are not a stack of bills in the unusual denomination of $2.  That would  likely be an interesting story.  Perhaps I’ll write some ‘ficzion’ about that later.  No, these are two $1 bills.  If I were to canvas the neighborhood, I’d likely find this is not a common thing to find, living in Germany, as I am.  However, as I work on a base that happily accepts US currency, it’s not so unusual, really.

I was reminded today, though, that I am surrounded my many things like this.  I am cocooned in a familiar blanket of Americana.  I moved to Germany 3 years ago.  I’ve not been a complete bermuda shorts, socks and sandals sort.  Actually, that would fit in fine here.  In the right weather anyway.  We’ve traveled and I can get by in German, as long as the topic is food or basic greetings.  Actually, being in France last week, reminded me how much German I do know, compared to my non-existent French.  I won’t be here forever. In fact, every other year or so, I go through a lengthy process of convincing the Germans that I have no intention of staying in Germany.  Isn’t that just wonderful, though. I’m going to allow a bit of digressing on that topic.

Germany: So, you want to work in Germany?

Me: Yes, please!

Germany: (suspicious glares)

Me: I’d much rather be in America!

Germany: (Nods approvingly)  You’re sure?  You’d rather not stay here?

Me: Certainly not!

Germany: Fine, you can stay here then. As long as you don’t really like it.


Yes, that really happens, every 2 years or so.  Been through it twice already. So, where was I?  Yes, Americana.  I eat wonder bread.  I drink Pepsi.  I vacation in Disneyland.  Yes, it was in Paris, but please… it’s Disneyland.  Sure, Wendy speaks French, but Peter Pan is still speaking English.  Peter Pan is still speaking English!  I need to do more with my time in Europe.  Fluency would be good.  More European friends, even better!  No, this isn’t a resolution.  I don’t really have the will-power for those.  This is a drip. It may take a thousand years, but if I keep dripping this idea, eventually, I’ll dig a deep canyon of European-ness around me.  Wait, that sounds like Euro-penis.  Totally, not what I meant.  Really, a canyon of euro-penis isn’t even a good euphemism.  Oh bother.

Where was I?

Let me review a bit.. Let’s see; Peter Pan is still speaking English.  He’s probably got $2 on his windowsill, too.  I am acting like a lost boy in Europe.  Time to spend more time off the Americana Island.  Wait, Isn’t Wendy supposed to be British?  Never mind.  My point is still valid.

Ich weiß nicht, was Morgen kommt , aber jetzt…  Jetzt, Ich habe zwei Dollars im mein Fenster.

Happy 750th, Sindelfingen.

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