More Star Wars Speculation *SPOILERS, Potential Spoilers… unlikely guesses*

Just a thought:  ARGHHH, not everyone has to be a Skywalker!

This mad theory is going to be about Rey, in case you were wondering.

Let’s start with the theories that just set my nerd rage to twitching.

Bad Theory 1) Obi-Wan’s daughter… over 30 years after the death of a very old Obi-Wan. please, just don’t.

Bad Theory 2) Palpatine’s daughter… same math applies, plus… ewww.

Bad Theory 3) Twin of Ben… Leia: please, Han, do whatever it takes to bring back our deranged homicidal son who turned to the dark side, but don’t say anything to our secret daughter, who you are bringing along, because our family totally needs more awkward twin flirting.

Slightly Less Bad Theory 4) Luke’s Daughter… This isn’t really a terrible theory, but it has flaws. Assuming the mother keeps her birth a secret from Luke, which I am assuming, because I assume that Luke is not a douche that leaves his child on a desert planet to scavenge crashed ship parts… anyway, assuming that, this still assumes he’s not force sensitive enough to figure out that he has a force-charged daughter somewhere that needs him. Despite the fact that Leia could instantly sense forceless Han’s umm, fate, instantly.

Personal Theory 1) Stand Alone movie tie-in. ‘Rogue One’ is going to introduce a bunch of new characters that we are presumably going to care deeply about, and most of them are likely to be around the right age to still have a child to abandon around the time that Jakku gains it’s most adorable toddler pilot prodigy. I’m thinking Felicity Jones and Daisy Ridley have more than a passing similarity. This may, or may not, include a tie to Bobba Fett, if rumors turn out correct. This makes an interesting continuation of the Solo-Fett duel, with respective son/granddaughter switching sides.  This ties in nicely with the rumored stand alone Fett movie, as well.

Personal Theory 2) Book tie-in ‘Lost Stars’. This is less commercially viable, but I’m hoping for it. That crashed ship salvaged by Rey, was once commanded by an honorable imperial officer named ‘Ciena Ree’, ahem, sounds familiar. Without completely negating your reason to read it, the book ends with unresolved romantic issues between Ree and her rebel scum boyfriend. Its not clear they’re still on Jakku, but they certainly have more reason to return there for a time, and then suddenly leave their daughter behind, then say the Millennium Falcon has any right to be there.

Really Bad Personal Theory 3) Rey’s presence is more directly related to the presence of the Millennium Falcon on Jakku than just typical wild Star Wars coincidence, I mean Fate, err Force. Could Rey be a non-Skywalker Solo child? Maybe Han shot first, again? *nudge nudge* A desperate single mom might have found out where the Falcon was, and assuming Han would never stop searching for it, set Rey up there with instructions for the local elder, who clearly had a connection to Han Solo, based upon his familiarity with Ben, to introduce her when he finally showed up to pick up his ship? That still leaves the question about the mother, but could conceivably tie back in to Felicity Jones, who is a chronological contemporary of Han in the Star Wars universe, if not of Harrison in our own. This also makes some commercial sense, but it sure muddies up Han even more. Dunno, not my favorite theory, but I could see it working.



There you go. More of the baseless speculation you’ve grown to ignore.  Thoughts? Of course not. *sigh*