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Decision Support Systems

“If I listened long enough to you. I’d find a way, to believe that it’s all true” – Rod Stewart, warning us about Alexa. Clippy….

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Puppy Karma

I feel a little guilty. Not that I did the wrong thing, but that I didn’t do the best thing. I wanted to adopt from…

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Electoral Boogie. Pick a dance, and perfect it already.

If you take a really fuel efficient car, convert it to electric power, then install solar panels on the roof, what do you get?  3…

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No one needs 24 hour news

There’s 24 days until this goddamn election is over. What a year. For a political junkie like me, it’s been very confusing. This is like…

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So, here it is. Episode 1-Guns-A-Blazing. This podcast thing is going to take time. Maybe I’ll never be any good at it. That’s ok with…

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Adventures in domain naming

Prompted by the continuing unsolicited offers to buy a domain name I’m not really that interested in selling, I’ve gone a bit overboard researching more domain names…

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More Star Wars Speculation *SPOILERS, Potential Spoilers… unlikely guesses*

Just a thought:  ARGHHH, not everyone has to be a Skywalker! This mad theory is going to be about Rey, in case you were wondering….

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Current Projects

Projects I’ve informally worked on over the past few years. None are functioning services, some are just domain names and scribbled notes. As I put…

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The Twidit App/Site Pitch

The Twidit Pitch: Lots of people poll twitter followers to answer questions/identify things/recall facts. Twidit will be an app/website to make this a little easier. By…

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None of our business

What can you say about those cyclical lingering ugly stories about popular culture icons? Michael Jackson, John Travolta, Woody Allen, Bing Crosby, Bill Cosby, Gumby ……

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