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Twitter Cards

Sometimes I just decide I want things. So, this time I wanted to see my twitter analytics because I don’t trust all those nifty ‘find…

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So you need a VPN?

Don’t worry. I’ll keep this short. The 3 primary reasons for wanting a VPN are access to region-limited content, information security, and obscurity. Depending on…

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Block Twitter timeline photos

Here’s the custom filters for Adblock/Adblock Plus. Add -> .tweet .media UPDATED DEC 17, 2013! (blocks normal *single* images) Add -> .tweet .multi-photos UPDATED…

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How to be stupid

I have always highly valued the approval and acceptance of others.  Yet, despite my best efforts, I say stupid things on occasion. Ok, a lot….

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Guns, Banks and Cocoa

When I think of Switzerland, I think of 2 things; Banks and Cocoa.  I haven’t visited Switzerland yet.  That’s unfortunate and odd, considering I only…

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Sounds fishy to me, too.

A recently funded project on received $700,000 to produce an iOS controlled pan/tilt/zoom mount for an iOS device, presumably not the same iOS device…

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PMP World

“PMP World” Sung to music of Primadonna Girl by Marina & the Diamonds. Projects rule the World, yeah Unique creations, temporary work A sponsor’s charter…

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It’s my phone goddamn it!

I don’t care about intellectual property, copyright, trademark, DMCA, end user agreements or international marketing zones.  I just want to use my goddamn phone. I…

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