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Current Projects

Projects I’ve informally worked on over the past few years. None are functioning services, some are just domain names and scribbled notes. As I put…

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The Twidit App/Site Pitch

The Twidit Pitch: Lots of people poll twitter followers to answer questions/identify things/recall facts. Twidit will be an app/website to make this a little easier. By…

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My difficulty with silence

It’s not that I like to hear myself speak. In fact, I can’t really stand my voice. I just find it impossible to sit in…

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None of our business

What can you say about those cyclical lingering ugly stories about popular culture icons? Michael Jackson, John Travolta, Woody Allen, Bing Crosby, Bill Cosby, Gumby ……

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Star Wars Thoughts

This is not a Star Wars 7 trailer review. That would be pointless and stupid. This is ALSO pointless and stupid, but it’s not a…

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Something Serious in Syria

If you’re watching the news, it’s likely you’ve heard ‘something’ about Kobani, Syria. It might just be blending in with all the other bad news…

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Take my wifi, please!

So, you got trouble, and that starts with T, which stands for Smart TV, and no, I’m not going to write this whole blog post…

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Toss these technologies

Any avid ‘technophile’ knows it’s pretty easy thinking of reasons to get new gadgets. What about discarding technology, though?  Looking through my hardware junk drawer,…

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Wearable or Whereable?

Thinking about my own use of mobile technology, and where that interacts with new technology. Here are my initial observations. 1) I don’t remember to…

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Tricks for Taming Gmail

Another functional post. With my continued anxiety with the news in Europe, just not in the mood for creative writing. Lucky you! So, here’s some…

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