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A New Party

Here’s the working premise of this post; If you wanted to design a successful third party, what would it look like?  This is NOT what…

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Guns, Banks and Cocoa

When I think of Switzerland, I think of 2 things; Banks and Cocoa.  I haven’t visited Switzerland yet.  That’s unfortunate and odd, considering I only…

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Crappy Comic #1


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Self-Doubt and Cereal

I’ve often wondered how good writers find such interesting topics about which to write.  I have no skill in this regard.  I don’t like to…

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Dreams of Massachusetts

Do you ever dream of Massachusetts?  Is there something there you think we used to know? I still remember climbing up to watch the sunset,…

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I drove all night..

I’m not afraid of flying.  Honestly, I just find it annoying.  I like to control my own destiny, and drive myself there, when possible.  I…

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Science Fiction… because reality is boring.

Arthur C. Clarke surmised that ‘any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.’  It was intended, perhaps, as a criticism of magic as a concept,…

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capere duos in mane

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s a blank white page.  No, I’m not incensed by the racial makeup of the Congressional internship program.  I…

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life happens socks be damned

If you’re not thinking about dying, at least a little bit, this week then you’re probably heavily medicated.  I’m not judging.  In my case, I’m…

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Touchpad Therapy

Yep, I’m done searching for Touchpad.  Good luck if you’re still in the hunt. #didntfazemebro You’ve suffered a loss.  You’re not alone. If you’ve been…

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