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None of our business

What can you say about those cyclical lingering ugly stories about popular culture icons? Michael Jackson, John Travolta, Woody Allen, Bing Crosby, Bill Cosby, Gumby ……

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Star Wars Thoughts

This is not a Star Wars 7 trailer review. That would be pointless and stupid. This is ALSO pointless and stupid, but it’s not a…

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Something Serious in Syria

If you’re watching the news, it’s likely you’ve heard ‘something’ about Kobani, Syria. It might just be blending in with all the other bad news…

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Wearable or Whereable?

Thinking about my own use of mobile technology, and where that interacts with new technology. Here are my initial observations. 1) I don’t remember to…

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The Trouble with Twitter

I’m on a break from Twitter. It won’t be a long break, but I think I’m going to make it a more regular occurrence. There…

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Third-Person VR concept

My favorite mode in video games is not 1st person. I prefer a camera just behind and above, commonly referred to as a ‘third-person’ perspective….

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Full Impulse Power

SHOPPING!  Men aren’t supposed to like shopping, right?  I do, though. I really do.  The best kind is car shopping, which I think is somewhat…

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How to be stupid

I have always highly valued the approval and acceptance of others.  Yet, despite my best efforts, I say stupid things on occasion. Ok, a lot….

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Two dollars

I have opened my browser to commence a new blog post.  Lacking any plan or preparation, I’ve looked up and noticed 2 dollar bills on…

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The Importance of 42

As any faithful fan of Douglas Adams must, I find myself waxing philosophical on the occasion of the commencement of my 42nd year upon this…

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