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Heathens Above- Chapter 1: Out with the Old.

Chapter One- Out with the Old. If anything qualified as a bad year, then this had to be it.  What else do you call it…

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A New Party

Here’s the working premise of this post; If you wanted to design a successful third party, what would it look like?  This is NOT what…

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Guns, Banks and Cocoa

When I think of Switzerland, I think of 2 things; Banks and Cocoa.  I haven’t visited Switzerland yet.  That’s unfortunate and odd, considering I only…

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Sometimes I’m being sarcastic

You may not have noticed, but sometimes I’m sarcastic on Twitter.  Unfortunately, that isn’t always clear.  I recently linked to a story that  included a…

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Crappy Comic #1


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Sounds fishy to me, too.

A recently funded project on received $700,000 to produce an iOS controlled pan/tilt/zoom mount for an iOS device, presumably not the same iOS device…

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Fucked up songs

Occasionally, I come across catchy music that I am really enjoying… then I notice the lyrics.  Sometimes they just don’t make sense, but usually the…

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PMP World

“PMP World” Sung to music of Primadonna Girl by Marina & the Diamonds. Projects rule the World, yeah Unique creations, temporary work A sponsor’s charter…

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Self-Doubt and Cereal

I’ve often wondered how good writers find such interesting topics about which to write.  I have no skill in this regard.  I don’t like to…

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Heathens Above- The Conference (Introduction)

The following short introduction is intended to be the basis of a longer work.  I am presenting it here in order to pressure myself into…

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