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Toss these technologies

Any avid ‘technophile’ knows it’s pretty easy thinking of reasons to get new gadgets. What about discarding technology, though?  Looking through my hardware junk drawer,…

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The Trouble with Twitter

I’m on a break from Twitter. It won’t be a long break, but I think I’m going to make it a more regular occurrence. There…

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A New Party

Here’s the working premise of this post; If you wanted to design a successful third party, what would it look like?  This is NOT what…

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Sometimes I’m being sarcastic

You may not have noticed, but sometimes I’m sarcastic on Twitter.  Unfortunately, that isn’t always clear.  I recently linked to a story that  included a…

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Crappy Comic #1


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Hey, Let’s Get the Fuck Out of Afghanistan!

I know!  Let’s all get together, and get the fuck out of Afghanistan!  It will be so much fun.  We can make a party of it!…

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I hate Sneaky Fuckers!

This #sneakyfuckerweek thing seems like it’s actually lasted a few weeks.  I like the posts!  I just hate that it reminds me how much life…

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Shut up about your religion already, America.

I’m here to repress your religion.  When people inevitably ask you what you’re talking about, claiming that your Christian beliefs are being repressed, then you…

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This blog is shit.

For those of you just tuning in; I am not a blogger.  Yes, I have a blog, and I even post links when I write…

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No, I won’t check out your new blog post!

It’s nothing personal.  Really, I like you.  That’s why I follow you on Twitter. You’re funny, interesting, and/or show cleavage on your avatar picture.  Who…

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