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Positive Thoughts

I’m extremely lucky to have a few ‘canaries’ on Twitter. These are the people who point out when the air has fouled to the point…

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The Interview

He entered the conference code and pressed #. A swirling blue portal suddenly appeared in the center of the room, and before he could even…

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bad science for good causes

I am not in favor of texting while driving. I am not telling you to text and drive. If you text and drive, you are…

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So, here it is. Episode 1-Guns-A-Blazing. This podcast thing is going to take time. Maybe I’ll never be any good at it. That’s ok with…

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Collaboration Call

The world is not lacking for good ideas. I have good ideas. You have good ideas. Everyone has at least 1 good idea. What the…

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Podcast in Progress

Welcome to Podcast 0: Behind the Scenes of Patrixmyth’s Random Musings With the new year, comes a new project. Why a podcast? It’s all part of…

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Adventures in domain naming

Prompted by the continuing unsolicited offers to buy a domain name I’m not really that interested in selling, I’ve gone a bit overboard researching more domain names…

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More Star Wars Speculation *SPOILERS, Potential Spoilers… unlikely guesses*

Just a thought:  ARGHHH, not everyone has to be a Skywalker! This mad theory is going to be about Rey, in case you were wondering….

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The Origin Story

 Re-Write! Introduction- Gift Torus Sipping a cappuccino and nearly finished with a profoundly underwhelming lunch, Phillip Serra gazed up at the Colosseum of Rome. From…

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The One w/ Eye Contact

  I’m regularly described as ‘shy’, ‘introverted’, or ‘quiet’ by people who know me ‘irl’. Generally, I just nod and shrug, but recently I took…

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